15th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 2017)

Queen Mary University of London, 13-14 July

Accepted papers

  • Stepan Kuznetsov, Glyn Morrill and Oriol Valentín. Count-Invariance Including Exponentials
  • Nissim Francez. A proof-theoretic semantics for transitive verbs with an implicit object
  • Adam Jardine. On the Logical Complexity of Autosegmental Representations
  • Stepan Kuznetsov and Alexander Okhotin. Conjunctive categorial grammars
  • Junri Shimada. BE Is Not the Unique Homomorphism That Makes the Partee Triangle Commute
  • Armin Hoenen, Steffen Eger and Ralf Gehrke. Combinatorial Evidence on the Incidences of Root Bifurcations in Arbres Reels and Stemmata
  • Rohit Parikh. Why we speak
  • Sorcha Gilroy, Adam Lopez, Sebastian Maneth and Pijus Simonaitis. (Re)introducing Regular Graph Languages
  • Thomas Icard, Lawrence Moss and William Tune. A Monotonicity Calculus and its Completeness
  • James Rogers and Dakotah Lambert. Extracting Forbidden Factors from Regular Stringsets
  • Thomas Graf. Graph Transductions and Typological Gaps in Morphological Paradigms